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Frequently Asked Questions


1- How to buy in this website ? First create an account, then you may use our search engine or go direct through our products to find what you want, then just follow the links that are clearly set in the website to place an order, you have to pay on line, Good luck!

2- How to change or undo an order ? You may email us or phone us from 9am- 5pm direct. Tel: 01 97 123 876 

3- Methods of Payment : We accept Visa, Master card, American Express which are all secure. The order shall be effected 5 days after payment.

4- Problems to set an order : Just let us know via email or Tel: 01 97 123 876

5- How to keep checking an order ? After the confirmation of your order in 4 days, you will receive an email from us regarding that, when your order is ready to be sent , a second email shall be sent to you in which contains a number and a link which should be clicked and reaches you to your account to observe the status of your order. You are to input that number in the space that we show you. The status of your order could be : a-Just received b-Being prepared c-Payed 4-Ready to send 5-Delivered 


Devine Spirit
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